Pratt St

Your organization is unique, your office space should be too.


Business Mailing Address

$ 35 /mo

8am-6pm : Mon-Fri Access
Business Mailing Address
1 Meetbase Credit /mo
Attend public events
Mail Notifications


Conference/Meeting Room

$ 45 /hr

8am-6pm : Mon-Fri Access
Capacity up to 8 people
Amenities for public use
Attend public events
Bulk hours available


Unreserved Workspace

$ 300 /mo

8am-6pm : Mon-Fri Access
Shared Workspace
2 Meetbase Credits /mo
5% Off Premium Events
5% Off Mailbase


Reserved Workspace

$ 400 /mo

24/7 Secure Access
Reserved Workspace
4 Meetbase Credits /mo
10% Off Premium Events
10% Off Mailbase


Single Office

$ 750 /mo

24/7 Secure Access
Reserved Officespace
6 Meetbase Credits /mo
10% Off Premium Events
Postbase Included


Double Office

$ 1250 /mo

24/7 Secure Access
Reserved Officespace
8 Meetbase Credits /mo
10% Off Premium Events
Postbase Included

Discover your HomeBase

Availability can rapidly change

Baltimore is a city of dreamers and doers and the Homebase location at 300 W. Pratt is designed with those dreamers and doers in mind. As one of Baltimore's most sought-after business addresses it's a dream for professionals to have a chance to work inside. The historic building offers tall, wide windows that flood the workspace with natural light and the intricate architecture offers lots to look at for the wandering, daydreaming eye.

The trip to 300 W. Pratt St. is a simple morning commute from nearly anywhere in the city. If you are driving you can access this location off of the interstate and there is reserved parking nearby. If public transportation is more your style, there is a convenient bus stop not too far from the front door. Either way, getting to work is easy but if you are using Homebase you probably aren't worried about being late.

Why 300 W. Pratt?
As a coworking space, it is hard to beat 300 W. Pratt. However, this location offers so many more possibilities to those who are interested.

  • Host a large event
  • Run a board meeting or special committee
  • Enjoy the beauty of the inner harbor after work
  • Easy access from every side of the city

Whether you are just starting out or you are looking for a solution to boost your business and production, you won't be disappointed when you choose the Homebase location at 300 W. Pratt. Not only will you enjoy the location and the beautiful spaces, but your business will benefit in the end.

Contact us today to learn more about the offerings at 300 W. Pratt and how they can help you!

Made in Baltimore

Baltimore is full of pioneers. Let's continue the growth and work together.

Fast Internet

Dependable internet speeds for browsing up to product development.

Transportation Choices

Proximity to I-395, access to I-95. Quick access to MTA Light Rail and bus routes.

Ease of Access

Multiple Parking locations and in proximity to an array of local attractions.

Car Charging Stations

Charge your car while you work and utilize our multiple charging stations.

Getting Hungry

Local Food & Drink: Chipotle, Subway, Luna Del Sea, Jimmy Johns, and more.

Printer & Scanner

Use our on-site services or neighbor, FastSigns for any project.

Lobby Concierge

Clients arriving for a meeting? Mail arrived? No worries, we'll notify you.

Service Hours

Mon-Fri: 8am-6pm
Sat-Sun: Closed

300 W Pratt St, Suite 350
Baltimore, Maryland, 21201