Clipper Mill

A dynamic place to live, work and love. Our doors open Summer 2018.

Attention: Our pricing has changed since we are out of pre-registration.


Business Mailing Address

$ 35 /mo

8am-6pm : Mon-Fri Access
Business Mailing Address
1 Meetbase Credit /mo
Attend public events
Mail Notifications


Conference/Meeting Room

$ 45 /hr

8am-6pm : Mon-Fri Access
Capacity up to 8 people
Amenities for public use
Attend public events
Bulk hours available


Unreserved Workspace

$ 300 /mo

8am-6pm : Mon-Fri Access
Shared Workspace
2 Meetbase Credits /mo
5% Off Premium Events
5% Off Mailbase


Reserved Workspace

$ 400 /mo

24/7 Secure Access
Reserved Workspace
4 Meetbase Credits /mo
10% Off Premium Events
10% Off Mailbase


Single Office

$ 750 /mo

24/7 Secure Access
Reserved Officespace
6 Meetbase Credits /mo
10% Off Premium Events
Postbase Included


Double Office

$ 1250 /mo

24/7 Secure Access
Reserved Officespace
8 Meetbase Credits /mo
10% Off Premium Events
Postbase Included


Triple Office

$ 1750 /mo

24/7 Secure Access
Reserved Officespace
10 Meetbase Credits /mo
10% Off Premium Events
Postbase Included

Discover your HomeBase

Availability can rapidly change

The Homebase coworking space at Clipper Mill is the desired business location that offers a trendy workspace and convenient access. The historic apartment buildings that the Clipper Mill Homebase location is situated in offers industrial design with modern touches that would make any traditional office space envious. Partner the flooding natural light from the floor to ceiling windows with the comfortable office furniture and you will never want to leave work.

Getting to the Homebase location at Clipper Mill is easy for nearly everyone. Situated right off of two major interstates and just a short walk away from the public bus stop, it makes for an enviable commute to anyone in the Baltimore, Maryland metropolitan area. When you choose Clipper Mill you will love going to work every day. In fact, you will love it so much that you will probably never want to go home.

Why Clipper Mill?
Clipper Mill offers some of the best solutions for coworking in Baltimore, making it a place everyone wants to be.

  • Host a large event
  • Run a board meeting or a special committee
  • Enjoy easy access to restaurants and other after work activities
  • A simple commute from your home in the Baltimore metropolitan area
    No matter what type of business needs you have, the Homebase location at Clipper Mill can help you meet them. When you choose Clipper Mill you will be on your way to a more enjoyable and better work week.

Contact us today for answers to all of your questions about the Homebase location at Clipper mill or to reserve your space today!

Made in Baltimore

Baltimore is full of pioneers. Let's continue the growth and work together.

Fast Internet

Dependable internet speeds for browsing up to product development.

Transportation Choices

Proximity to I-83. Quick access to MTA Light Rail and bus routes.

Ease of Access

Multiple Parking locations and in proximity to an array of local attractions.

Car Charging Stations

Charge your car while you work and utilize our multiple charging stations.

Getting Hungry

Local Food & Drink: Chipotle, Subway, Luna Del Sea, Jimmy Johns, and more.

Printer & Scanner

Use our on-site services or neighbor, FastSigns for any project.

Lobby Concierge

Clients arriving for a meeting? Mail arrived? No worries, we'll notify you.

Service Hours

Mon-Fri: 8am-6pm
Sat-Sun: Closed

2031 Clipper Park Rd, Assembly 106
Baltimore, Maryland, 21218