Take a Tour Through Homebase, Coworking in Baltimore

The concept of coworking is growing into much more than a trend. Today, all over the country, individuals and small companies are using coworking spaces to effectively manage their overhead expenses, allowing them to grow without having to worry about the cost of space.


Homebase, a Baltimore solution to coworking, provides a convenient space for residents, offering an office that is close to amenities and easily accessed by local transportation. With a surplus of amenities, like electric car charging stations and a lobby concierge, Homebase is conducive to get work done.

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Many entrepreneurs and small businesses have to choose between the affordability of working out of home offices and the productivity of having an office space to go to. As a coworking solution, Homebase offers a third option, giving people an affordable place to work outside of their home.

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Unlike some coworking spaces, Homebase gives members an opportunity to use all of the different spaces, making it different than renting an executive office in a building. Whether you want the solitude of a small space to yourself or are looking to catch the creative bug from shared spaces, there is something for everyone at Homebase.

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Always open to suggestions, Homebase allows you to be a part of the working space, taking your comments and turning them into reality. To learn more about Baltimore’s coworking solution, you can book a tour of the space today and see for yourself why more and more people are choosing Homebase as their workspace.